A simple, expressive, open-source, text-file-based Job Scheduler with console, HTTP, and RESTful API interfaces.
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TaskForest Version 1.37 Released

There are two main enhancements in this release. The first is that now you can configure TaskForest to automatically retry running a job if it fails. The number of times it retries, as well as the amount of time between retries is configurable on a per-job basis.

TaskForest now also features a very powerful email system. You can configure TaskForest to email you when a job fails, when a job is retried, and when a job suceeds after failing and being retried. Each kind of email can be sent to a different email address, and these email addresses can be configured system-wide, or for each job, or for anything in the middle.

If you have developed your own run wrapper, please be advised that the interface to the run wrappers has changed. Instead of being passed parameters as command line arguments, the wrappers now look for environment variables.