A simple, expressive, open-source, text-file-based Job Scheduler with console, HTTP, and RESTful API interfaces.
  1. Downloading TaskForest
  2. Installing TaskForest
  3. Configuring TaskForest
    1. Jobs & Families
    2. Calendars
    3. Automatic Retries
    4. Sending Emails
    5. Options
    6. Configuration File
  4. Running TaskForest
  5. Running the TaskForest Web Server
  6. Web Server Security
  7. Checking TaskForest Status
  8. Rerunning a Job
  9. Marking a Job
  10. Tokens
  11. Releasing all Dependencies from a Job
  12. Putting a Job on Hold
  13. Releasing a Hold Off a Job
  14. HOWTO
  15. The RESTful Web Service
  16. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  17. Bugs
  18. Change Log
  19. Author
  20. Acknowledgements
  21. Copyright


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