A simple, expressive, open-source, text-file-based Job Scheduler with console, HTTP, and RESTful API interfaces.
  1. TaskForest - An Executive Summary
  2. A Quick Introduction to Job Schedulers
  3. TaskForest Design Philosophy
  4. Why Text Files are a Good Idea
  5. Comparing TaskForest to cron
  6. TaskForest Licensing and Pricing
  7. Commercial TaskForest Support
  8. System Requirements

System Requirements

TaskForest is written in Perl. It requires Perl 5.8.3 or higher, and the following libraries (available from CPAN):

Most of the testing has been performed on Unix-like operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX. There has been some testing on Windows, but it is not as exhaustive as that on other operating systems. It is recommended that you run TaskForest on a Unix-like server.